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Dingolfing Seismic



In 2013 BMW Group AG was awarded a research grant to study a HTA (high-temperature aquifer storage) for the waste heat from CHP in Dingolfing north east of Munich. Storage systems play an increasingly important role for the implementation of the energy revolution. To achieve the objectives of the research project, with the assistance of ERDWERK, seasonal heat storage in deep groundwater aquifers was investigated to offer a more efficient energy solution.

 In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich a research well was drilled as the first step into comprehensive scientific studies on the geology, hydrochemistry and hydraulics. The 500 m deep and 25 °C "cold" aquifer was tested, the storage capacity was assessed and a concept for the management was developed. " The basis for this is a hydrogeological model, on which the collected data from seismic survey and drilling were applied.


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