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Dingolfing Seismic

Dingolfing | Germany


 High temperature aquifer storage at the Dingolfing site BMW Plant 2.4

Energy storage systems play an important role in the implementation of energy system transformation. In 2013, BMW Group AG was awarded a research grant to investigate an HTAS (high-temperature aquifer storage facility) for the geothermal storage of waste heat from CHP plants at the Dingolfing plant.

The aim was to investigate the storage properties of the aquifer, which is only approx. 500 m deep and approx. 25 °C "cold", and to develop a feasible management concept.

The first project phase was the survey of new 2D seismic in 2014 and the drilling of a research well. Together with the HYD (Institute for Hydrogeology, Geothermal Energy Working Group) and the IWC (Institute for Water Chemistry and Chemical Balneology), both from the Technical University of Munich, an extensive scientific test program on geology, hydrochemistry, hydraulics and geothermal energy was carried out at the well.

The results were summarized in a hydrogeological model, on the basis of which various operating scenarios were simulated, which in turn were included in the economic considerations.

ERDWERK supported the project from the very beginning with the preparation of the research application, the licensing issues, the planning of the seismic campaign and the evaluation of the data collected as well as the planning and tendering of the drilling site. In addition, ERDWERK was responsible for site management and drilling supervision.

Dissertation Martina Ueckert (german)

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