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Plannung und Ausfürung

Planning and Execution



Deep Geothermal Energy

ERDWERK offers comprehensive geological and drilling engineering solutions in the field of deep geothermal energy: we plan and assist your project from the first steps of the feasibility study, to exploration, drilling supervision, testing and well completion. Throughout this process, we ensure that all permits and approvals related to the project are in place. In addition, we support the procurement and award process and ensure an efficient cooperation between all parties involved. Throughout the life of the project we track the economical aspects and provide continuous assessment, optimization and control of all related costs.

Geological Modelling and Exploration

  • Concept, GIS and Feasibility Studies
  • Survey Design, Survey Planning, Acquisition and Supervision of 2D/3D-Seismic Surveys
  • Supervision of Seismic Data Reprocessing
  • Structural Analysis of Satellite Imagery and Outcrop Studies
  • Hydrochemical Field Surveys and Interpretation of Hydrochemical Data 
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Drill Path and Target Planning
  • Geological Hazard Analysis
  • Facies and Structural Geological Interpretation of 2D / 3D-Seismic Data
  • Planning and Interpretation of Magnetotelluric Surveys


Wellsite Geology

  • Analysis of Cuttings, Drilling Cores and Thin Sections
  • Stratigraphical Demarcation and Geosteering
  • In-Situ Reservoir Characterization
  • Interpretation of Borehole Geophysics
  • Determination of Geological Casing Setting Depth
  • Geological Supervision


Reservoir Models and Simulation

  • Reservoir Models (Integrating Seismic, Well Data, Well Tests)
  • Simulations (1 Phase, 3 Phases, Thermal, Tracer)
  • Production and Temperature Forecasts and Optimization (Field)
  • Field Development and Reservoir Management

Well Test Analysis

  • Well Test Analysis to Obtain Well and Reservoir Characteristics
  • Analysis of Production Data and Long Term Behavior
  • Production Logging Interpretation (Flowmeter-, Temperature-Logs)
  • Production and Temperature Forecasts (Well)
  • Basis for Artificial Lift Design
  • Analysis of Stimulations

Risk Assessment

  • Uncertainty Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations and Geostatistics for Long Term Risk Evaluation
  • Basis for Management and Investor Decisions
  • Basis for Insurance Solutions



  • Planning and execution of tracer tests
  • Analytical and numerical evaluation of tracer tests

3D Simulation

Well Design and Drilling Program

  • Offset Data Analysis
  • Wellpath Design
  • Casing Design
  • Drilling Fluids and Cement Program 
  • Drillstring, BHA and Drill Bit Design
  • Hydraulics, Torque and Drag Design
  • Drilling Parameters
  • Logging Program
  • Waste Disposal
  • Time and Budget Planning, Risk Assessment

Drilling Supervision

  • 24/7 Supervision
  • Engineering Advice and Support
  • Monitoring of Daily Drilling Activities
  • Drilling Performance Evaluation and Cost Control
  • Capturing Drilling Information and Lessons Learned

Well Site Design

  • Location and Space Requirements
  • Technical Planning
  • Supervision and Cost Control

Drilling Data Analysis and Drilling Performance Analysis

  • Drilling Data Acquisition
  • Data Preparation and Visualization
  • Performance Evaluation and Identification of Lost Time
  • Recommendations for Future Projects

Drill bit

Completion Design and Artificial Lift Systems

  • ESP-Design
  • Valves and Sensors 
  • Production / Injection Tubing Design
  • Wellhead Design
  • Reinjection Pump Design
  • Supervision of ESP Installation and Workover 

Stimulation Design

  • Stimulation Program
  • Supervision
  • Time and Budget Planning

Well Test Design

  • Surface Facilities
  • Well Test Program
  • Management of Production Fluids Disposal
  • Coordination of Hydrochemical Analysis
  • Supervision

System Engineering

  • Dimensioning of Pipes
  • Instrumentation and Control Technology
  • Performance Optimization (Regulation Methods)
  • Efficiency Analysis

Water chemistry and gases

  • Bubble point calculations and degassing conditions in the thermal water circuit
  • Scaling- and corrosion potential of thermal waters
  • Hydrochemical simulations
  • Risk assessment of flammable and toxic gases


Planning - Organization - Controlling

  • Objectives 
  • Project Structure 
  • Course of Actions
  • Resources and Costs and Timing 
  • Cost and Time Control 
  • Performance and Deliverables Control
  • Leading and Teamwork/Cooperation

Tendering Procedures

  • Prequalifying
  • Bidding Documents 
  • Technical Terms and Conditions
  • Bidding Evaluation
  • Tenderer Negotiations
  • Nation- and EU-wide

Permits and Approval Procedures 

  • Exploration Licence
  • Mining Operation Plan
  • Annual Progress Report 
  • Production Licence
  • Water Law Licence
  • Thermal Mining Survey 


  • Seismic Surveys 
  • Well Site Construction
  • Rig Contractor and Services
  • Submersible Pump

Project Management

Near-Surface Geothermal Energy

Near-surface or shallow geothermal energy comprises the thermal use of the subsurface at depths of 1 m to approx. 400 m. The subsoil can be used for cooling purposes as well as for heating buildings via a heat pump system. How the extraction system is dimensioned can be individually adapted to each project, depending on demand and the geological-hydrogeological conditions. For example, small detached houses can be supplied with heat just as large office complexes, for which cooling in the summer months is becoming increasingly important. In addition to supplying individual buildings, local heating and cooling networks are also being implemented.
ERDWERK plans and supervises your project from the first potential analysis, preliminary prognosis and, if necessary, simulation of operation, preliminary exploration to construction supervision during implementation and in the approval procedure.

We offer the following services for the realization of your project. This is only an exemplary list, which is individually adapted for each project.

  • Geological, Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Survey
  • Preliminary Clarification of Regulatory Approvals
  • Site-Specific Survey and Preliminary Evaluation
  • User-Specific Survey and Preliminary Evaluation
  • Hydrogeological Technical Potential Study, Recommendation of Appropriate Energy Source 
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Cost Estimation
  • Supervision and Evaluation of Test Drilling/Pump Test or Reference Ground Loop
  • Ground Water Balance, Hydrochemical Risk Analysis
  • Hydrogeological, Thermal Modeling and Numerical Modeling
  • Planning and Supervision of Geothermal Response Test (GRT) for Geothermal Ground Loop Field
  • Evaluation GRT and Computer Modeling
  • Proposals for Details of Completion (Well and Ground Loop Field Geometry, Heat Source Design) and Plant Design
  • Preparation of Documents Related to the Bidding Process
  • Technical Supervision of Bidder Meetings
  • Technical Supervision of Bidder Meetings
  • Preservation of Evidence
  • Cost Control
  • Object Supervision, Documentation and Approval
  • Water Law Procedures
  • Other Approvals: Mining Law (> 200 kW, >100m), Building Laws
  • Annual Reports

Hydrogeology and Balneology

Hydrogeology focuses on the development, utilization and protection of ground water based on geological, geophysical, hydraulic and hydrochemical testing methods. Information about the hydrogeological characteristics of the underground can be obtained from drilling operations, spring sources and mining activities (galleries, tunnels). The water permeability of the ground plays an important role with regards to the movement and storage of the groundwater within aquifers. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the groundwater is considered to be very important. It can be characterized by the quality of the surrounding soil/rock, and by the impact of substances introduced by humans.

Balneology provides natural health remedies through the utilization of healing waters, brines, thermal waters, remedial gases, remedial peloids. We are able to provide services in the fields of balneology technices, balneochemistry, balneophysics (analytics) and the study of geological and hydrogeological conditions.

We offer following services for the development of your project. This is an exemplary listing that will be adjusted for each project individually.

  • Location Analysis: Data Collection and Hydrogeological Investigation
  • Conduction of Examinations (e.g. Sampling with Chemical Analytics, Water Level and Capacity Measurement, Geophysics, Borehole Logging)
  • Planning and Hydrological-Technical Supervision of the Exploratory Borehole
  • Feasibility Study on Development of Drinking, Mineral and Industrial Water and/or of Healing Water, Brine and Thermal Bath Water
  • Hydrogeological Reports and Statements
  • Development of a Hydrogeological Model, Numerical Modeling
  • Ground Water Quality, Hydrochemical Modeling
  • Ground Water Monitoring
  • Handling of Cases of Damage
  • Surveys (e.g. Sampling with Chemical Analysis, Water Level and Bulk Measurements, Geophysics, Borehole Measurements
  • Planning and Hydrogeolical-Tecchnical Accompaniment of Exploratory Drilling
  • Feasibility Study for the Development of Drinking, Mineral and Industrial Water respectively of Healing Water, Brine and Thermal Spa Water
  • Hydrogeological Report and Opinions 
  • Construction of a Hydrogeological Model; Numerical Modeling
  • Groundwater Quality, Hydrochemical Modeling
  • Groundwater Monitoring, Date Measurements
  • Exploration and Assessment of Well Performance in Operation
  • Treatment of Cases of Damage
  • Technical Planning of Exploratory Drillings and Well Design
  • Cost Estimate
  • Bidding Process
  • Site Management and Supervision
  • Planning, Supervision and Evaluation of Hydraulic Tests (e.g. Pump Test)
  • Planning, Supervision and Documentation of Well Regenerations and Sanitations
  • Quality Management and Approval
  • Assistance throughout the Water-Law Approval Procedures
  • Dimensioning and Zoning of Drinking Water Conservation Areas
  • Assistance throughout Mining-Law Approval Procedures, where applicable

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