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Project management

Project Management


Planning, Organization & Controlling

As in every project, management is essential for successful delivery. ERDWERK supports clients during all stages of their project, which can in some cases take several years (from initiation to planning, realization and monitoring up to completion). For each project ERDWERK offers individual and project specific management. This includes the determination of project goals and milestones, communication structures and workflows, and in particular the coordination of overarching project structures with the client and all the participating entities. ERDWERK is able to ensure the required trust and cooperation between project management and the project team through experienced employees and the collaboration with partners within the geothermal sector. The service spectrum at ERDWERK in terms of project management includes (but not limited to) controlling of appointments, costs, performances, and results. This includes detailed documentation of working results, high flexibility with changes in the ongoing project and a permanent willingness to optimize the project.

Permitting & Approvals

As required for every mining activity, a vast number of permissions and approvals are necessary for the exploration and production of geothermal heat. These must be requested from the responsible authorities, which are, in most cases, the ministry of economy and local mining authority. Protection of the environment and the groundwater must be guaranteed, well drilling and testing has to be approved in operating plans and drilling related risks must be minimized. Furthermore, the safe operation of every geothermal system must be ensured during the course of the operational period, as the exploitation of geothermal heat is regulated by governmental authorities.

ERDWERK also assists clients who already received their exploration and production licenses with the preparation of mining and water applications and the correct submissions to the responsible authorities. Thereby, substantial and formal demands of the authorities are satisfied and the project- and site-specific requirements are considered. In doing so, deadlines for applications are met. ERDWERK also coordinates actions to fulfil the requirements of the authorities and delivers - in coordination with the plant operator – information required by them.

Tendering Procedures

ERDWERK provides complete tender management services, supporting public and private clients during the whole tender procedure. This includes services for the exploration of geothermal heat (seismic surveys), well drilling (well site construction, drilling and auxiliary services) and the purchase and installation of the submersible centrifugal pumps. For this purpose, it is important to request the necessary materials and services in a technical right and comprehensive manner and in strict accordance with all legal regulations and requirements demanded by the authorities. This is applicable for both national and EU-wide tendering procedures. ERDWERK evaluates the offers and undertakes the bidders interviews and quotation negotiations, acting as the client representative. All accompanying documentation of the tendering management services, in case of audit, is guaranteed by ERDWERK.

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