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Holistically optimized and sustainable reservoir development for deep geothermal plants in the Bavarian Molasse Basin - Development of a 50 MWel power plant and development of 400 MWth for district heating in Munich

The geothermal industry frequently asked about the "high" scalability of the duplicate projects common in hydrothermal geothermal energy. In this context, a forward-looking project for SWM and the City of Munich was developed in 2012 and submitted to the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy) (FKZ 0325787A). Accordingly, a sustainable reservoir development with several duplicate systems was to be established in an urban area on the basis of new 3D seismic in order to provide the base load for the city's heat supply. At the same time, drilling and power plant concepts were to be developed in the south of Munich for geothermal power generation of the targeted 50 MW.

With the approval of the project in 2015, extensive 3D seismic measurements could be carried out in the urban area of Munich - the high quality in the "noisy" urban environment and the challenges of the extensive acquisition in a megacity are still the reference for other European cities today. LIAG (Leibnitz Institut für Angewandte Geophysik - Leibnitz Institute for Applied Geophysics) was also able to record shear waves data and carry out tests.

During the three years of the project, ERDWERK developed a concept for the sustainable and comprehensive geothermal management of the Munich subsurface in different resolutions with corresponding integration into the district heating network. Another component was the creation of an updated, 3-dimensional geological model based on the new 3D seismic and the exploration of drilling conditions for the safe and efficient drilling of geothermal wells at possible inner-city locations.

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