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Holistic optimized and sustainable reservoir development for deep geothermal plants in the Bavarian Molasse basin - Development of a 50 MWel power plant and development of 400 MWth for district heating in Munich

In 2012, the groundbreaking research project GRAME was implemented with the support of SWM and the City of Munich. This research project was in response to the growth in the geothermal industry following the expansion of projects, especially of electricity projects in the region. Following approval in 2015, the focus of the research funding shifted to heat projects, the question of "scalability" of classic doublets in one field needed to be addressed. The prerequisite was a reliable data base in the form of a 3D-seismic survey with an evaluation in accordance with the current state of knowledge.

The research addresses the following main topics:
- The overall potential and sustainability of the reservoir beneath the city of Munich.

- The optimization of the surface planning with regard to the interface with the exisiting district heating network and space requirements of a drilling rig in an urban environment such as Munich.
- The applicability of decision tools for the complex interplay of many economic and technical factors.

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