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"Economic and Ecological Efficiency of Deep Geothermal Plants in Southern Germany - Investigations on Operating Experience and Optimization Approaches"

The aim of the joint research project between ERDWERK GmbH and the University of Applied Sciences FH Munich was to investigate the economic efficiency as well as the ecological and energy efficiency of geothermal plants at four locations in southern Germany. Geothermal plants are composed of a range of over and underground components (such as borehole, pump, heat network), which are planned as efficiently as possible by various planning offices specializing in individual components. However, the overall efficiency of a system usually only becomes apparent through the interaction of the components during operation. It can be assumed that the overall efficiency can be significantly increased with targeted optimization measures, which are coordinated among the individual components.

The project, 50% funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (FKZ: 0325262A) had a term of three years. The focus of ERDWERK was on the investigation of subsurface parameters and the University of Applied Sciences Munich was surface installations. In addition to recording and evaluating operating parameters, modeling and optimization approaches were proposed. The implementation was intended to establish a forum, which provides a geo and operational knowledge exchange between operators of existing facilities and planners of future facilities. This should on the one hand give the planners important insights, on the other hand, problems and solutions for efficiency-enhancing measures within the operators should be exchanged


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