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DeltaPro Grundbesitz GmbH utilized groundwater for cooling and heating for the construction of a new office building in the commercial park South in Gilching near Munich. In order to design the wells for groundwater use, ERDWERK was commissioned in 2014 to undertake hydraulic-numerical simulations of heat dissipation in order to rule out the influence of downstream groundwater uses.

For the prognosis, hydrogeological parameters such as the groundwater intensity, groundwater gradient, kf-values ​​as well as parameters of the well design such as diameter, drawdown rate, etc. were defined. The prognosis for the specified pumping and injection wells, is that no negative thermal impact shall be experienced. Summer cooling and winter heating of this innovative building is climate-neutral through the thermal use of groundwater via a groundwater pump.


DeltaPro Grundbesitz GmbH

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