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Ngozi | Tanzania


Project description

Tanzania’s location in the East African Rift (EAR) makes the country a very promising geothermal setting by international comparison. The region of Ngozi in south west Tanzania, with its special setting of the triple junction of the EAR appears to have all the necessary preconditions (heat and water resource) for a functional geothermal development.

ERDWERK, as part of a team lead by IGA GmbH, played a central role in capacity building for the drilling planning at Ngozi, Tanzania. The project was funded by The World Bank and undertaken for the Tanzanian Geothermal Development Company (TGDC).

Capacity Building

The purpose of the project was to assist the TGDC in furthering their plans for developing a geothermal field in the Ngozi region. This assistance was in the form of capacity building though a number of workshops. The goal was to provide the TGDC with guidance on best practice, with the focus on the following:

  • - Drilling Contract Structure
  • - Drilling Cost Estimation
  • - Tender Management and Bidding Documents
  • - Project Management

Site Visits

In addition to the workshops, site visits of the remote well locations at Ngozi were performed to assess the site conditions first hand and discuss any potential challenges to the drilling of the wells, such as access, well site construction and water supplies.

Best Practice Documentation

Following the in-country work, best practice documentation was developed providing a comprehensive road map for all the items addressed during the workshops. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of the contractual options available for the drilling phase, recommendations were made for the most effective choice and implementation.


The World Bank

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