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Schäftlarnstraße Geothermal Project

Since April 2018 drilling has been underway on a site in the Munich Inner City, next to the river Isar. The drilling is taking place on the site of the existing southern power station and is part of a new geothermal project from the Munich Municipal Utilities Company (Stadtwerke München or SWM).

Since 2008 the SWM has been expanding their use of renewable energy, with geothermal energy playing a significant role. Thanks to the productive geological conditions in Oberbayern, the SWM is in a position to develop a bold target of utilizing renewable energy to supply 100 % of the city district heating networks by 2040, making Munich the first German city to achieve this.

ERDWERK has been an integral professional and reliable partner of the SWM since the commencement of the SWM’s renewable energy strategy, playing a key role in the planning, well design, geophysical surveys, tendering, drilling supervisions including cost controlling and assisting in the water and mining approvals in respect to the production of heat from a deep geothermal resource.

ERDWERK has over 15 years of experience in developing successful deep geothermal projects in the greater Munich region. This expertise was key for the realization of previous SWM projects in Riem, Sauerlach and Freiham.

The largest Inner City project in Europe

Following the demolition and removal of existing oil tanks from the southern power station site in the district of Sendling, the construction of the drilling site (including construction of 6 drilling cellar with conductor casing) was completed in April 2018. Following rig up of the drilling rig, drilling commenced on the 25th April 2018.

The project is to date the largest inner city deep geothermal project in Germany and Europe, and with well depths of on average 3000 m total vertical depth and 4000 m measured depth no existing project is comparable. The expected temperature is approximately 100 °C.

The heat won from the geothermal resource shall be utilized for the district heating networks of the inner-city districts of Sendling and Perlach. The location for the wells was chosen due to its suitability for connection to the existing heating network infrastructure and its proximity to the geological targets at depth.

Project Preparation

The original evaluation and preliminary planning for the project took place from 2011 to 2012 and was undertaken by ERDWERK.

Further project steps included intensive geophysical surveys, initially with 2D techniques and then from November 2015 to March 2016 with 3D seismic techniques in the inner city, through this the structural geology of the Malm reservoir at depth was mapped in detail.

ERDWERK was extensively involved in the interpretation of this data as part of the GRAME research project.

In addition to this, ERDWERK was responsible for undertaking simulations of the thermal hydraulics and geomechnics for a number of operational variations.

The detailed geological and well engineering planning (from design to execution) was undertaken by ERDWERK and formed the final important step prior to the revaluation of the wells.

Current status

From the end of April 2018 to the beginning of July 2019, the drilling and testing of four boreholes (Schäftlarnstraße Th1, Th2a, Th4, Th6) was successfully completed. The pumping tests on all the wells drilled to date confirm the expected results with regard to the parameters pouring and temperature. Further development work on the two remaining wells (Th3 & Th5) will continue as planned.

Schäftlarnstraße Geothermal

100 °C (approx.)
3000m (TVD)
4000m (MD)
50 MWth (expected)
Under Construction

48.114004482033, 11.556003571604

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