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Project Description

What would a spa be without thermal water? In order to cover the increasing thermal water demand of the thermal spa in Bad Wörishofen, it was decided in 2004 to drill another thermal water well next to the existing thermal spa.

This was to supplement the GT1 well drilled in 1999, which until then had supplied the local spa with thermal water and heat from the base sandstone of the Upper Sea Molasse from a depth of approx. 1,000 m.

For this reason, the Wör GT2 well was drilled vertically to a depth of approx. 2,600 m into the Malm aquifer in 2005 by the Hessian drilling company H. Anger's Söhne, which acted as general contractor.

Subsequent pump tests on the well in the course of various test phases were able to confirm a sustainable thermal water supply of up to approx. 10 liters. The well thus met the requirements for balneological use, but the production rates were too low for geothermal use.

Further Operation

The local geothermal conditions turned out to be very positive: even with a relatively low flow rate in the order of 5 l/s, a temperature of approx. 84 °C could be reached at the wellhead. This temperature is thus well above the expected temperature.

Unfortunately, the borehole could not start its originally planned regular operation to supply the thermal spa with thermal water, because the malmwater had an unfavorable hydrochemical composition and so far, no economic technical solution for the treatment of the water could be found.

Various options are currently available for the further use of the well.

ERDWERK has been supporting the project since the beginning of the drilling work for Wör GT2 and has since supported Stadtwerke Bad Wörishofen in particular in drilling, (hydro)geological and licensing issues.

Stadtwerke Bad Wörishofen (german)

84 °C
2,600 m TVD
City of Bad Wörishofen

48.02092, 10.589659999

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