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The goal of this project was to supply Unterföhring, a community north of Munich, with heat from renewable resources. A geothermal double doublet was drilled for this purpose consisting of two production and two reinjection wells. ERDWERK provided support for the geothermal project, with activities including; permit application for the exploration of geothermal heat, site management of the drilling, and mining law and water law procedures concerning the development of geothermal energy. During the heating season 2009/2010, the first phase of the project was able to supply approx. 1,200 households with thermal energy and the district heating network is growing constantly. 

Due to the rapid expansion of the network, the geothermal project Unterföhring was expanded by two more geothermal wells. The drilling for the expansion wells Th3 (3,050 m MD) & Th4 (3,897 m MD) started in February 2014 and was completed in June 2014. Thanks to the new doublet, the heat output more than doubled to approx. 23 MW(th).


86 °C & 93 °C
Prod: 2,124 m TVD
Inj: 2,512 m TVD
Further wells
Prod: 2,341 m
Inj: 2,053 m TVD
10 & 13 MW
Gemeinde Unterföhring

48.193265, 11.659368

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