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The community of Pullach im Isartal (in the south of Munich) has been providing local consumers with geothermal heat since the winter 2005.
The positive acceptance of geothermal heat by public and private customers of Pullach has created a need for more geothermal capacity and consequently for new studies for a third well, Pullach Thermal 3, which is planned now and will be drilled at the end of 2010.
The yearly CO2 reduction amounts to approximately 6,000 t (based on 16,000 MWh). This corresponds to a cumulative CO2 reduction of approximately 33,375 t from December 2005 to January 2010.
The length of the heating network is approximately 25 km. Roughly 1,000 households are connected to the district heating pipeline.

Major users include a public swimming pool, primary and secondary schools, day care centres, housing estates, housing associations (560 flats), a civic centre, a fire station, a church centre, a teacher training college, a youth hostel, and the town hall.


107 °C
3,370 m TVD (Th1a)
3,443 m TVD (Th2)
3,505 m TVD (Th3)
30 MW
Gemeinde Pullach i. Isartal / IEP
35 km

48.06784, 11.527536

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