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Sauerlach was the first project in the Southern German Molasse Basin in which Deep Geothermal reservoirs were tapped using a triplet of wells. Three deviated wells were successfully been drilled in the deep Malm aquifer. At the time these wells set new records for the depth and length drilled for geothermal in Europe, and set new standards for the exploitation of geothermal energy for power generation. With the granting of the mining rights for exploiting geothermal energy in the area of Sauerlach to the SWM Services GmbH (public utility company of Munich) on 23th November 2005, the planning and realization of one of the biggest projects of hydrothermal deep geothermal energy began. 
ITAG Tiefbohr GmbH was contracted for the successfully drilling of the wells. Each of the three boreholes reached distances of up to 2.4 km, targeting the Malm. Two wells (Th1a & Th2) had a final diameter of 8.1/2'' and the third one a diameter of 6.1/8''. 

Drilling work began in the early October of 2007. The first well Th1 could only be achieved with a sidetrack to a final depth of 4,757 m MD (4,179 m TVD) to the west. The second well Th2 reached a depth of 5,060 m MD (4,181 m TVD). Facing big drilling challenges, the third well Th3 eventually reached the target Malm in May 2009 and was at the time the deepest geothermal well in Europe (now Holzkirchen) with a final depth of 5,567 m MD (4,480 m TVD). 


143 °C
Th1a: 4,175 m TVD
Th2: 4,181 m TVD
Th3b: 4,480 m TVD
5 MW
4 MW

47.972357, 11.668486

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