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Schnaitsee | Germany


Based on a 3D seismic from 2011, ERDWERK developed a detailed reservoir model. This included the structural geological and facies interpretation of the Malm using seismic attributes and data from surrounding deep wells. Development concepts for geothermal doublets including multilateral variants (i.e. with one sidetrack drilling per drilling path) were developed for a total of four conceivable locations.
Due to the renewed data processing and evaluation (2D & 3D seismic, POS reports, temperature evaluations, etc.), the originally pursued project goal as well as the limitation of the permitted field have changed. In this context, a "new application" was made in Q3 2022 for a permit to explore geothermal energy for commercial purposes for the "FG Schnaitsee" permit field

95-120°C (approx.)
3.500 to 4.100 m TVD (planned)
Geo Kraftwerk FG Schnaitsee I GmbH

48.070381, 12.368158

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