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Lavey les Bains

Lavey les Bains | Switzerland



The AGEPP (Alpine Geothermal Power Production) deep geothermal project is located on the eastern side of the Rhône Valley in the canton of Vaud. The AGEPP project aims to extract thermal water from the subsurface at a temperature of 110°C and a production rate of 40 l/s, and to use it for thermal power generation by means of an ORC plant, for heat production for the thermal baths of Lavey-les-Bains, and for balneological use in the pools.

In the longer term, it is planned to use the residual heat for other purposes such as district heating, fish farming, greenhouses, etc.

Project History

Underground heat has been used in Lavey-les-Bains since 1973 through a borehole at 200 m (P201). In 2000, the project was extended with a second geothermal well to 600 m (P600).

It is planned to drill the LAVEY-1 well (total length 3,000 m) near the existing P600 and P201 wells and to exploit the thermal water from the natural fractures of the crystalline rock ("Massif des Aiguilles Rouges"). This new well LAVEY-1 will increase the geothermal power of the existing geothermal plant. The P600 and P201 wells will remain accessible and usable and will serve as backup wells, in particular during maintenance operations on the LAVEY-1 well.

Planning and Execution Phase

ERDWERK GmbH has been supporting AGEPP SA in the development of the project since 2018. This includes services such as detail design, tendering, execution planning, among others. ERDWERK will act as drilling specialist consultant during the drilling phase.

Project Partners:

  • CSD Ingénieurs
  • Romande Energie
  • Dr. Geol. Mario Sartori
  • Geofluid
  • Willi Ingénieurs


Website AGEPP SA:


110 °C (approx.)
3000 m (planned)

46.20671, 7.015816

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