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In March 2011, the Ismaning municipality (on the northern side of Munich) reached the decision to undertake a deep geothermal project. The project would be fast tracked with the aim of satisfying the heating energy supply demands of the community.
ERDWERK was commissioned as project manager and responsible for the planning and management of; the drilling site, seismic investigation, geothermal doublet, tender preparation and awarding procedures and required permit approvals.
With the seismic investigation and drilling site groundworks completed before the end of 2011, the Ismaning municipality took the decision to construct the district heating network and drill the wells concurrently. This meant that after short drilling times for both wells (Th1/Th2: 50/62 drilling days) and completion of the well stimulation (October 2012) heating from the thermal water was provided by Wärmeversorgung Ismaning GmbH & Co. KG for the first time in spring of 2012.

ERDWERK were involved throughout the project from the approval and tender process, through the drilling construction-supervision and testing to the reservoir management and preparation of the thermal mining approvals. 


76 °C
Prod: 4,032 m TVD
Inj: 2,738 m TVD
7 MW
Wärmeversorgung Ismaning GmbH & Co. KG

48.22644, 11.67651

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