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Bild Törring

Törring | Germany


As part of a feasibility study for RAG Austria AG, a section from the overlapping 3D seismic measurements "Weizberg-Klöpfing" (from 2006) and "Palling" (from 1998/99) was reinterpreted. Within the Malm, a division into seismic mass and bank facies was recognized, as is also known in principle from the Franconian Jura and the greater Munich area. Based on the thickness of the reservoir and taking tectonic elements into account, a total of twelve target areas were defined and evaluated in the permit field. Bore path concepts were then developed for two preferred locations in order to develop the accessible targets as optimally as possible.

125-133°C (approx.)
4.000 to 4.800 m TVD (planned)
RAG Austria AG

48.007395, 12.748636

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