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Janssen Pharmaceutica, daughter company of Fortune 500 company Johnson & Johnson, is looking to exploit a geothermal resource for their campus in Beerse, Belgium. The campus is the work place for over 3000 employees plus contractors and has the heat demand of a small town.

Carbon Pledge and Heat Demand

Driven by Johnson & Johnson's pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 20 % by 2020 and 80 % by 2050, Janssen is looking to become the first industrial developer of a geothermal project in Belgium.

Janssen wishes to replace the existing combustion plant on the site in Beerse with a geothermal doublet. The site currently consumes more energy than any other Johnson & Johnson site worldwide and has an energy demand that equals 38,000 homes.  

The Planned Project

The doublet is planned to be drilled to a depth of approximately 2500 m TVD to exploit geothermal water with a temperature of approximately 90 °C. The well site shall be located on the campus between existing buildings.

Support from ERDWERK GmbH

ERDWERK GmbH has supported Janssen through the development of the project and well design and drilling program and tender process. ERDWERK will act as specialist geothermal consultant for project going forward into the drilling phase. 

Janssen Website

90 °C (approx.)
2500 m TVD (planned)
Janssen Pharmaceutica
Under construction

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