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What would be a spa without its thermal water? In 2004 a new thermal bath wa planned in Wörishofen alongside the existing thermal spa, to meet the long-term thermal water requirements for the thermal baths in Bad Wörishofen an additional well was required. In 2005, well GT2 finally reached the target depth of 2,600 m in the Malm aquifer. IÁn airlift pump test was undertaken, where the well was first cleaned and tested with regard to its potential productivity. This was followed by a long-term pump test, as well as a pilot phase in which the sustainability could be demonstrated.

The local geothermal conditions turned out very positive. At a relatively low flow during the long-term pumping test, in the order of 5 l/s, a temperature of about 80 °C was measured at the wellhead. The temperature is was higher than expected. The thermal water is cooled down to a pleasant bathing temperature before being introduced into the baths.


84 °C
2,600 m TVD
City of Bad Wörishofen

48.02092, 10.589659999

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